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For MOM Folic Acid


Your body needs four times the amount of folic acid during pregnancy than in everyday life.
Since we cannot produce such great amount organically, it is advised to take 0.4 mg folic acid supplement daily, starting three months before conception, until the end of the first trimester.

Folic acid is especially important during periods of rapid cell division and growth such as infancy and pregnancy.
Sufficient dosage of folic acid prior to and during pregnancy prevents neural abnormalities in the fetus and ensures the formation of intact body systems and organs.


Folic acid is crucial for the creation of new body cells.

Folic acid has an important role in producing new red blood cells and prevent anemia.

Folic acid is needed to make DNA and helps prevent changes to DNA that may lead to cancer.

Instructions for use

Main Ingredients


Extra Tips



Instruction for Use

  • 1-2 tablets daily
  • If you use other prescription drugs or nutrition supplement, consult with your physician before taking folic acid


Main Ingredients

Each tablet contains 0.4 mg of folic acid.



Studies show that taking 0.4 mg of folic acid daily prior to and after getting pregnant is crucial for creating the baby's DNA. It also maintains proper body cell division and prevents spinal cord defects and neural problems with the fetus.
The Ministry of Health, as well as gynecologists, advise using folic acid supplement, since obtaining the recommended dosage from normal diet is hard to do.


Extra Tips

On top of preventing birth defects of the baby's brain, neurologic system and spinal cord, folic acid has other beneficial qualities: 

  • Protects your baby from cleft lip and palate
  • Reduces the risk of pregnancy complications
  • Prevents premature birth or miscarriages
  • Contributes to normal growth in the womb
  • Reduces the risk of various diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, some types of cancer, stroke and heart disease

The amount of folic acid in varied foods: 


  • Beef liver: cooked or braised, 3 oz – 0.215 mg
  • Lentils: cooked or boiled, 1/2 cup – 0.179 mg
  • Spinach: frozen, cooked or boiled, 1/2 cup– 0.115 mg
  • Egg noodles: cooked, 1/2 cup – 0.110 mg
  • Asparagus: boiled, 4 spears – 0.089 mg
  • Avocado: 1/2 cup – 0.059 mg
  • Corn: 1/2 cup (canned) – 0.052 mg
  • Orange juice: 1 cup – 0.047 mg
  • Peanuts: dry roasted, 1 oz – 0.041 mg
  • Strawberries: raw, 1 cup – 0.040 mg
  • Egg: whole, raw, fresh, 1 large – 0.024 mg


How much Folic Acid is needed?


  • While you're trying to conceive: 0.4 mg
  • For the first trimester of pregnancy: 0.4 mg
  • For trimesters 2-3 of pregnancy: 0.6 mg
  • While breastfeeding: 0.5 mg
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